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Production Partner

For our existing clients, we are both OEM and ODM.
We can either develop a new product design for you or use your existing design to act as your production partner and extended work bench.
With us, you as a premium retailer can fully focus on your customers. As a manufacturer yourself, you focus your production on the high value products that need quick time to market and we fill up your portfolio.


  • No intermediaries

  • Direct communication

  • Same time zone

  • German, English, Afrikaans

Reasons we chose to produce our products in Namibia: 

  • Friendshoring with a stable country means no supply delays and no political risk factors 

  • Practically endless supply of Acacia bush wood, harvested to bring back natural African savannahs

  • Same time zone as central Europe

  • German plant manager for your enquiries and requirements

  • The opportunity for job creation and skills development 

  • Affordable energy prices and solar-friendly sunny days

  • Container Connection to Hamburg and/or ARA every week by Acacia's share holder Transworld Cargo

Acacia-Composites Manufacturers Batten technical drawing
Reasons our White-label products are ideal for your product line or store:
  • Ethically and affordably produced

  • Subjected to strict German quality standards

  • Made-to-order for your unique needs  

Acacia-Composites Manufacturers Batten technical drawing sectional
Benefits of selling Acacia Composites under your brand:
  • Reduced costs: Eliminate research, development and manufacturing costs and pass the savings on to customers. 

  • Better cost control: we harvest our wood resources with our equipment and the resource is endless. We can provide price stability.

  • Increased revenue: No product development and manufacturing costs. 

  • Faster time to market: Sourcing a product takes less time than developing it from scratch.

  • Increased brand recognition: Build customer loyalty with a trusted product representing your brand. 

  • Increased product offerings: Easily offer a wider range of products for greater customer satisfaction.  

Acacia-Composites Manufacturers decking technical drawing
Acacia-Composites Manufacturers cladding technical drawing
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