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Bush to Wood Polymer Composites

Debushing and thinning in progress
We harvest intruder bush to convert it into quality Wood Composite. Our WPC takes up no water, is UV-resistant, strong and long lasting.

Namibia has an intruder bush problem! Invasive vegetation is stifling the natural bushveld and causing insects, birds, and animals to lose their habitat. Acacia Composites collects this intruder bush and turns it into wood fibres that are mixed with a polymer made from recycled milk bottles, upscaling the product. 

This production process is CO2 neutral and will be 100% solar-powered in the near future. It also creates a variety of jobs, from those sorting recycled bottles to skilled artisans, in a country that truly benefits from these opportunities. 

We are working on making our production process as CO2 limited as possible step by step. Already now, the newly growing savannah captures new CO2 and the CO2 captured in the bush wood remains captured!

Once the alien vegetation is removed the indigenous trees and bushveld can thrive. Animals quickly return to the reclaimed land which is great news for visitors, tour operators, game rangers, lodges, and the entire tourist industry of Namibia. 


Who knew that buying new decking could give a lion back his hunting ground or uplift a rural community? 

Debushing in progress making biomass
Springbok roaming in debushed area
White plastic chips from recycled plastic to use in wood composite
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