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Construction is ongoing

Building a new WPC production facility from scratch takes a moment. We at Acacia-Composites are not only setting up new production machinery. We also build a completely new facility in Windhoek.

But: we are focused in what we are doing and our 800m² hall will be finished by end June this year.

Next, all infrastructure, like power

substation (with 1 MVA capacity, we build for the future), compressors, water treatment and water chilling facility will be connected.

Speaking of water: all our systems are using closed loops for water, so consumption for our WPC production in the semi-arid country of Namibia will be very limited.

We care about resources. That is what is driving us.

The harvesting our invader bush has already started to make sure enough material is on site when we start production in July/August.

Stay tuned for more news about Acacia Composites building the most environmental friendly WPC producer on the planet…..

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